Freedom from Demonic Oppression Ritual for the inflicted


Freedom from Demonic Oppression Ritual for the inflicted



To be considered if you have a sense of knowing this is what you need. Especially if you are experiencing acute or continual feelings of the following for no apparent reason: anxiety, fear, confusion, anger, sadness, lashing out, feeling brought down, fatigue, inability to concentrate, etc. If happiness and what you want constantly evades you. Persistent or explainable injuries. Conflict within yourself or with others.


Instructions: For each spell that you purchase, please send your details in the format below. Pics may be helpful but are not mandatory. Please send your details in questionnaire format for each and every spell you purchase.

A. Please indicate the title of spell you purchased:

B. The names and birth dates (if known) of those involved:

C. Any brief details of the situation you would like to make known:

D. You may list up to ten customized points of special focus regarding your desired results of this magick:


You will receive an email update soon after it is cast. Nothing is physically shipped associated with this spell service


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